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Concrete Swimming Pools

More About Concrete Pools

The process of building a concrete swimming pool is very specialised and is ideal when looking for a customised swimming pool result. 

Whether you have an unusual location, a tight space or would like something unique, a concrete pool enables our company to be flexible and deliver high-end results for your project. 

Don’t be put off if you have a complex location that you feel can present challenges, we will work with you to come up with the perfect solution.

Things you should know about building a concrete swimming pool:

> The excavation process can vary depending on what sort of rock, soil or clay is found once we start digging. The excess soil is removed from site or can be redistributed in the garden for use elsewhere.

> There can be a lot of pipe work necessary, depending on the design and specifications of your concrete pool. Some pools are self-cleaning and therefore need more pipes than usual. Once the pipe work is in place a level of rock is spread across the area underneath the base of the pool. 

> We work with engineers to design the structure of the swimming pool. Steel mesh lines the pool walls as per the engineer specifications before the team of concrete sprayers come in and complete the interior of the pool. A fully concreted pool allows clients to choose from either a pebble mix or fully tiled interior and can also have a spa included in the shell as an added extra. 

> With a concrete swimming pool you have the option to build an in-ground spa as part of your overall design.

Concrete options

Concrete Swimming Pools Within Your Reach

If you have always dreamt of building a swimming pool, TG Pools concrete pools give you an affordable pool with complete design flexibility.

Check out the pricing options and finishes available.

Option 1 - Concrete shell with glass bead interior

Option 2 - Concrete shell with glass bead interior & waterline tile

Option 3 - Fully tiled concrete pool

Glass bead interior pools have a stunning finish. They are a mix of concrete with the beautiful smooth glass beads added before the concrete is poured. The surface is then cleaned to expose the beads in all their glory. The variety of bead colours available are fantastic. 

The 'Option 2' pool has the glass beading finish, with your choice of tiles laid where the water line starts.

Our 'Option 3' pools are concrete pools that are completely tiled. TG Pools have a diverse range of tiles to choose from to make your pool unique.

Regardless, whichever option you go with, you are guaranteed a superior concrete swimming pool result when you build with TG Pools.

Tim and Greta love talking all things pools so give them a buzz if you have any questions about your concrete pool build.

Talk to us about your concrete swimming pool solution.

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