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Meet the ‘T’ and the ‘G’ of TG Pools

 ‘Tim and Greta’ Eberbach, owners and operators of TG Pools, are no strangers to all things related to water and small business. Tim is an experienced plumber while Greta has a background in criminal justice, together they are unstoppable.

With Tim’s know-how and Greta’s administration skills they operated a highly successful Melbourne based plumbing business. Searching for a sea change, and looking to expand, Tim and Greta moved to Sandy Point where they opened a second plumbing business and soon branched in to the sale and installation of solar hot water systems.

However, the siren call of the beautiful Bass Coast drew them to the Inverloch area, with Tim and Greta relocating themselves, and their three children, in 2010 while retaining their existing business interests.

Tim’s true passion however has been swimming pool installation. Off the success of their earlier business, Tim and Greta launched TG Pools in early 2016 and have never looked back.

With Tim’s 20+ years’ experience and a list of contacts ‘lap pool’ long, Tim manages the staff and all the hands-on aspects of the business. Greta is right beside him, on site and off, managing client liaison, third party liaison and all the ‘paperwork’, though they approach all quotes and inquiries as a team.

With a totally holistic approach to their business, TG Pools offers a complete swimming pool service that incorporates not only pool construction, but structural landscaping services too (think retaining walls, pergolas, fencing), plus all other pre and post works that fall beyond pure installation, such as sewer connections, gas upgrades or soil removal.

TG Pools ethos reflects the passion that both Tim and Greta bring to their business.

    Tim and Greta Eberbach of TG Pools

Tim and Greta Eberbach of TG Pools